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1) Get an FTP client (see below). This is a small program which when simply setup, will connect automatically with my server. All your current files are there, including a copy of the program files that generate the site.

If I was not able to look after your site at any time through illness, accident or whatever, I suggest you call NamesCo Dedicated Server Support on 0845 363 3635 for any advice you need about the actual server settings, and if you want to move the site. My main domain and account name is ‘’. They know stuff!
If want to actually move the domain name there’s a £10 + vat charge.

If you want a free FTP program, I suggest a version from a good software company, Coffee Cup.
Click here to download CC FTP program from their site. All they ask for is your email address so they can send promo stuff (not much!). There is a MAC version.

2) Install the 8mb program, open it and click top left... ‘Servers’. Click the ‘Add’ button. Give a recognisable name as a label.

Enter the user name... (advised separately) and password...  (advised separately)

 Under ‘Server’, enter (don’t forget the dots), make the remote folder box... /httpdocs/

Now press the browse button next to 'Local Folder' and locate the folder where you want to keep your files. Click 'Connect' and within seconds you see two windows, one on my server, one on your PC open at that folder. Now in the server folder press Ctl + A to select all, and just drag and drop all the files and folders on the server to your PC. You have got a complete set of all the files that operate your site, plus the actual .wpp file that creates the site.

3) You could just give these files to another webguy, and he can use his software (the posh web companies use Dreamweaver) to edit and develop the site.

4) It is possible for you edit your site yourself, and if it's a fairly simple site, I suggest you have a go (Windows XP/Vista/7/8 only). You should be able to straightforward text edits and upload with an hour’s study (but work with copies and do backups so you can correct mistakes). I use a program called WebPlus, and you need to know the version you need. If you right-click your site in your browser, and choose ‘view source’ there is a META tag ‘content’ showing the Webplus version. 12 or under needs WebPlus X4, 13 is X5, and 14 X6. If there is no indication it is X6. Old site versions sometimes look odd in more up-to-date models.

Serif Software will sell you X6 but go to and buy cheaper. X4 will be under £20, but X6 costs about £80. Your site may probably contain bits of extra code for Flash! (moving graphics), some forms and some sitemaps, so  may also need software from Swishzone (buy Minimax2 which is easy to learn) and Coffee Cup, to make changes. But only if you yourself are altering these sections.

5) Open the program and first select 'Help' and choose 'Check for update', so you know you have the latest version. Then print the 'pdf User Document', and read through the basics. Open your site .wpp file and you are off. Uploading of your site revisions can now be done directly from the program. I try to embed most of the images in the program, but some may just be ‘linked’ and you won’t have the original. But you can use the images in the web folder called: ‘wp_generated’ or just ‘images’. Good luck!

6) Note forms from mid 2012 use Coffee Cup Web Form Builder in HTML5, and are hosted on the Coffee Cup server. To edit these you need to buy that software, and open an account on their S-drive server (not expensive),


Thanks for your custom,

Robin Jones.

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